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Professor Sereno

About Professor Sereno


Helio Conceição (or “Sereno”, as he is known in the capoeira community) is a professor from the Association of Capoeira, Master Bimba located in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. At five years young, he began to learn capoeira from his uncle (Antônio Raimundo and his two cousins Raimundo and Homero), under a mango tree in their backyard, their training started at 5am after they had run to the beach at 3:30am.

Helio practiced independently this way for many years until he was ready to begin a formal education in capoeira. He then enrolled at the Capoeira Kilombolas School. After leaving Kilombolas, Helio learned that the Association of Capoeira, Master Bimba gave grants for students to attend.


The Association, the world’s first capoeira "regional" academy, created by Master Bimba (Manoel do Reis Machado), the founding father of the style “capoeira regional”. There, he interacted with dedicated capoeiristas, Mestre Bamba, Reni Veneno and Cabaca were Helio’s main inspiration, and people from across the globe that positively influenced his life.




Professor Sereno has taught Capoeira workshops, in Brazil, in the United States, and in Canada. Currently, he teaches at the YMCA in Berkeley, at the Berkeley Youth Alternatives (BYA), the BEAT studio, and in several school programs for youth throughout the San Francisco Bay Area  - in northern California.


Come take a class with him, you will love it!!

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