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Gretchen Dunn MFA/Instructor Piabinha:

Capoeira Arts Program Manager and Instructor

Gretchen is a dynamic professional with a strong commitment to fostering a culturally rich arts community. Her multifaceted role involves overseeing business operations, development, and project management for our arts programming initiatives. With a keen passion for the arts and a talent for organizing and coordinating cultural events, she effectively collaborates with diverse groups to support our arts programming efforts and creative direction. Gretchen also contributes greatly with the hosting of international guest artists, and providing Capoeira instruction to individuals of all ages, and cultivating relationships within a multicultural environment. She is responsible for driving website design, content creation, and marketing strategies, showcasing her proficiency in business operations and artistic vision. Additionally, her dedication is exemplified through her volunteer work as an assistant teacher in underserved communities of the San Francisco Bay Area and within our studio, contributing significantly to the growth and enrichment of our vibrant arts organization.

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