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Etiquette and Training Rules for Class:

  • Always show respect to your teachers and training partners.

  • Keep fingers and toenails trimmed for everybody’s safety. This is a shared responsibility with the parents.

  • Students should use the restroom before, or after class when possible.

  • No burping, spitting, passing gas (please leave the class to pass gas), or excessive grunting or distracting noises.

  • Younger students are not allowed to touch each other. e.g. hitting,  lifting, pushing, grabbing. Unless given permission by the instructor.

  • Maintain good hygiene. A deodorant is strongly recommended.

  • Jewelry, necklaces, and piercings, or any other metal objects should be removed before training.

  • Chewing gum, drinks (besides water), or any other kinds of foods are not allowed during class time. 

  • Remove socks before training.

  • Don’t lean against the walls.

  • Students with long hair must tie it back.

  • Do not walk with shoes worn on the street onto the studio floor. 

  • During class, when the teacher is demonstrating techniques and is talking, every student must be quiet. Do not talk when the instructor is talking, it distracts those who are trying to learn and is disrespectful to the teacher as well as to the other students. 

  • If you have a question, ask the teacher.

  • No profanity inside the studio/class.

  • Class ends with lining up in a line, or if otherwise instructed, with shaking hands with all of your classmates (but not during Covid-19).

  • Always sign in the sign-in sheet, and mark your payment method and amount in the appropriate columns. 

Be Punctual/Lateness:

  • Be ready and on time for class.

  • If you are late for class, when you step through the door, always ask permission before entering the class, when granted give the salutation, and join the other students.


  • The Capoeira uniform must be worn at all times and is mandatory for practice (except for classes at the beach). The dress code is clean and appropriate, practical, and safe, on top of being a sign of respect for the art. The traditional uniform; a white (or blue/red) abadás (capoeira pants), a white t-shirt, and a Corda), is of use at all times. No excuses for the regular students. 

  • For safety long pants must be hemmed-up! Hand-rolling-up long pants are not acceptable.

  • The belt represents your progress, wear it.

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