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Student Experiences-Testimonials

"I have two grandchildren (6 and 4 years old) involved in Helio's Capoeira Program. They want to come. The emotional environment of the classes is one of safety, acceptance, and playfulness. 


The students are free to make mistakes and grow at their own pace. There is a "magic" created in each and every class; and each and everyone of the participants discover that they have mastered something new, corrected an old problem, started something ... All of this without stress, just playing and focusing. 


There is a strong sense of community reinforced over time, people care for each other. This I call  "Helio's Magic"


-Senhor Pato

Capoeira is a fundamental art that brings together traditional rhythms and music that'll guide your every movement inside the Capoeira world."


-Jacaré Cansado

Capoeira has taught me a lot about myself and about life in general. I love 

witnessing my growth, and the growth of our group of capoeiristas. It's a great feeling to be a part of a community dedicated to learning about African & Brazilian art, culture, language, and history.” 



“I feel that capoeira provides something very unique. It is not just a physical discipline or a typical after-school activity. Capoeira is a culture - it fosters inclusion and feelings of 'belonging'. Teachers bond with their students and form real and meaningful relationships. They model good values, community service, and they actively foster friendships between their students. 


Teachers are not just teachers - they are also mentors, brothers/sisters, and community builders. So capoeira addresses the experience of relational and emotional disconnectedness that often underlies drug use and criminal activity. It is also 'multi-modal' - this means that it uses many 'modes' to reach, teach and engage people. It uses body training, music, language, culture and relationship to surround the student with many ways to connect and learn. 


This is super unique!”


-Rachel (Mother of one of our capoeira students)

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